Appraisal and valuation

In some situations you need to have your boat’s value assessed by a certified valuer/yacht broker for:

  • purchase or sale
  • insurance
  • financing / ships mortgage
  • buying into, or out of, the ownership of a vessel
  • distribution of an inheritance
  • accepting or rejecting a bequest
  • divorce
  • death

This can be the current value, commercial or trade value or even the auction or liquidation value. Whatever you require, I am here to help.

As a certified valuer/yacht broker I specialize in the assessment of boats and yachts to verify their value. Years of experience, a thorough knowledge of the market and daily practice are the foundation of my sound and expert judgement.

My assessment report consists of a substantiated valuation of the vessel.

For the appraisal and valuation of recreational boats, sailing yachts and motor boats of all shapes and sizes I am your man.

Een boot waarvoor wij de waardebepaling hebben gedaan
taxatie van uw boot of schip

What’s the value of your boat?

The valuation including the assessment report is € 450.00 including VAT (excluding travel costs* for vessels up to 15 metres in length.

If your boat is larger or you have specific requirements, I will gladly make you an offer tailored to your needs.

Please contact me directly at email or fill in the following form with your details as well as those of your boat. I will contact you as soon as possible.

Because I am a member of NBMS (Nederlandse Bond voor Makelaars in Schepen) my valuations are subject to the terms and conditions of the NBMS.

*Travel costs set at € 1.00 per kilometre

Please read the terms and conditions of the NBMS..

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Basic info on the Yacht: