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Your Purchase adviser

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Consulting you buying your boat

As a certified Dutch yacht broker I specialize in consulting and accompanying you, as the buyer of a boat, through out the whole process of a buying a boat.

For many people buying a boat is a long-cherished dream as well as a considerable step. How best to go about it? How to find the boat you are actually dreaming of, one that perfectly fits your wishes, your practical needs and your budget?

As your consulting yacht broker I would like to accompany you on your journey. Being objective and independent of the seller I can help you to complete the purchase that is right for you: regarding the boat, the conditions and, of course, the price. Moreover I can manage all of the administrative matters for you so you can enjoy your yacht quickly and without any worries. That is what Barnautica Yachting stands for!

Interested? send me an email or call +31653368965

With my expertise and years of experience I can assist you in selecting and buying a boat. The range of boats on the market is enormous and so is the spectrum of asking prices. Likewise the level of equipment as well as its state varies significantly. I assist you in making a well-informed and considered choice in every step of the process of purchasing your boat.

Easy, safe and comfortable!

I can advise you throughout the entire process of buying a boat or accompany you only in selected parts of it. You decide for yourself how much comfort and safety you want in the purchase of the boat of your dreams.

Some of the things I could do for you:

  • compiling a profile of your wishes through a criteria model
  • pre-selecting potential ships
  • organizing inspections and sea trials
  • checking whether the boat’s documentation is exhaustive
  • checking the CE documents
  • negotiating the appropriate price
  • drawing up or checking a purchase agreement
  • checking the VAT status and/or applying for a declaration
  • helping with deregistering or reregistering in the ships register
  • applying for offers concerning insurances or financing
  • checking whether the vehicle requires a CVO
  • accompanying the purchase examination
  • accompanying the acquisition and delivery
  • organize transport from the site of delivery to the berth
  • project management regarding refitting and adjustments

Purchase consulting: whether it is listening to your wishes or drawing up a list of criteria to help find and buy the boat of your dreams I am available to accompany the entire process of buying your yacht. Committed, reliable and enthusiastic – these are the central characteristics of my brokerage at Barnautica Yachting.

For more information on Barnautica Yachting.

Yacht fitting

Most people try on shoes or jackets for size before they buy them. That does not happen very often when buying a boat. Especially for people who have no idea what they look for I organize a session of “boat fitting”. Together with you I go on all the models relevant to your wishes and needs to give you sense of which boat suits and fits you best. The cost is € 345,00 excluding travel costs but including a clear survey of the boats we have inspected and their advantages and disadvantages you experienced. Trying on boats is also ideal for people who would like to confirm the choice they have already made.

Would you like to try on a yacht? Call or mail me under or +31653368965

Yacht broker

In today’s second hand boat market the role of a professional and certified yacht broker becomes increasingly important. The growing number of older boats and the relatively limited production of new boats since 2008 make it ever more difficult to find a good yacht in that market. For the purchase of a yacht it becomes increasingly more significant to get hold of the correct description and documentation of the boats in question. How do you know whether the information on a ship is exhaustive? Is there a CE-documentation and CE-conformity declaration? Has VAT been paid demonstrably? Is the yacht in need of a CVO? I gladly assist and consult you in all the steps necessary to purchasing a boat.

Network of yacht brokers

Apart from the above-mentioned expertise and experience I have access to an international network of yacht brokers, allowing me to access and gather information in the Netherlands as well as abroad, which I can assess and evaluate. As an international yacht broker I am, of course, fluent in English and German.

Customer experiences

  • (translation out of Dutch review) We are very pleased with the help we received from Arthur when we ...

  • Moody 38 CCWe had a very good experience buying from your business. The yacht was described accurate...

  • “It was a great pleasure dealing with you!” I am indeed very satisfied with your service...



Douwe Bob vandaag in NRC Next ... “mijn boot brengt me dichter bij vrijheid dan sex en drugs ooit deden”
Welkom bij de club Douwe!
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Douwe Bob vandaag in NRC Next ... “mijn boot brengt me dichter bij vrijheid dan sex en drugs ooit deden” 
Welkom bij de club Douwe!


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